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Ulysse Société d’Avocats / Marc DeneuvilleUlysse Société d’Avocats / Marie SchocherUlysse Société d’Avocats / Philippe Bonnin
Cabinet Ulysse was founded in Bordeaux in 2010 by Philippe Bonnin and Marc Deneuville, two lawyers with different but complementary backgrounds in the fields of business law, taxation and patrimonial engineering. On March 1, 2018, Marie Schocher, who has been a member of the team as from 2010, became a partner. This multi-disciplinary structure is dedicated to providing legal and fiscal advice for businesses and their leaders. The partners were determined to create a firm that stood out by virtue of its independent and innovative approach to the legal profession. Their approach is one of total commitment, which translates to direct, close and straight-forward contact between lawyer and client. Cabinet Ulysse focuses on executing high-value projects, managed by teams of experts working both for French and international companies. We are business lawyers, providing reliable and clear advice which is tailored to the challenges faced by businesses and their leaders as they seek to create dynamic legal, tax and judicial strategies.

“A personal and professional adventure”